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Black Bear Nap

Too much time on your paws.  Zzzzz Zzzzzzzzzzzz Zzzzzzzzz

Black Bear Sleeping

What Does A Bear use for an alarm clock?


See the Light

See the Light

Light Matters

Join us on a photo workshop or tour. See the Light


Weekly Photo Tips


Grizzly Bears and Cubs

Grizzly Bear and Cubs

Every week will be adding some new photography tips to our blog. I am going to target Wednesdays.

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New Hampshire Fall Tour

Join us as we travel to the beautiful White Mountains and Northern NH to photograph fall foliage. This is timed to see some of New England’s most beautiful places during the peak times. We will photograph mountains, rivers, waterfalls, wildlife, reflections, birch trees etc. The subject matter is endless at this wonderful time of year.

There is also a discount if you mention this website.

Please visit our website or contact us for more information

Black Bear Yawn

Two Headed Black Bear

When i was in Minnesota I photographed several bears but I had no idea I would bump into the elusive Two headed bear (lol)

The Watcher

black bear

the watcher

While I was crossing an open field I noticed this black bear watching me.

Black Bear Photo Workshop June 2011

Join us as we travel to Northern Minnesota . We will be visiting one of the best places to photograph wild black bears in North America.  This a great time to photograph young cubs. We hope to photograph many different behaviors with the bears. We also will keep an eye out of other widlife and landscape oppurtunities.

The Dates are June 9-12, 2011 price includes lodging.

For more info

Black Bear Mother and Cubs

Black Bear Cub Naptime

Black Bear Cub

Hang in There

Black Bear Cubs

I love these two beautiful cubs.
black bear cubs

Bear Cubs

Yawning Black Bear Cub

Black bear cubs climb trees when they feel threatened. This cub climbed the tree to avoid another larger bear. Sometimes they stay in the trees for hours waiting for their mother. This photo is a cub yawning but I would love to think he is smiling at me.

black bear cub yawn

yawning black bear

Black Bear Mother and Cub

This year one of my main goals was to get photographs and observe Black Bears. I had several great opportunities to see these beautiful animals. Bears are some of my favorite subjects. I will be adding several more images and stories to go with them.  Hope you enjoy the pictures.

black bear photo

black bear