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John Slonina: Slonina Nature Photography

I am a professional nature photographer devoted to the conservation of wild places and wild things. My goal is to portray natural events through elegant nature photographs and writings. Our photographs are designed to show the phenomenal beauty of nature in a dramatic artistic way. Incredible things happen every second, but are often unnoticed.

I have been studying natural history and photography for several years. This increased our awareness of several issues impacting our environment. We document natural events such as behaviors, life cycles, and the habitats needed for survival.

My goal is to use our photographs and writings to educate and inform as many people as possible about nature and environmental issues. We hope to introduce them to places and animals that they may never have the opportunity to see. We believe that a personal connection to nature is necessary to increase a person’s desire to protect a particular species and habitat.

It is important to educate and inform the public about natural/real events. We never use a computer to manipulate our photographs. Our photographs are always of animals in the wild and never of those being held in a captive environment. Therefore, all our art reflects what we see in our travels.

We subscribe to a strict code of ethics in our work. The well being of our subjects is our primary consideration. We don’t believe in harassing wildlife or altering habitats for a photograph.

We have over 400,000 natural history images. Our files are rapidly growing with new images being added weekly. Our photography is distinctive, artistic, and sharp. Our love of natural history is evident in our work and our passion for nature is the subject of each image.

We are also a photo tour company. We lead workshops to several great location and teach people how to get great photos you can be proud of. John speaks for various groups throughout the United States about photography, nature, and wildlife.

I look forward to working with new and existing customers. We would love to add you to our mailing list. Best of all, our services are professional and friendly. I believe in offering our clients first-rate service. Thank you for your time.


John and Vicki Slonina

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