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16 Ways your Cell Phone will help your Outdoor photography


Great Horned Owl with Chick

Great Horned Owl with Chick

It is incredible how much technology has changed in photography. Part of being a great photographer is keep up with new software and software for your computer. Photo gear is getting much better with the new Cameras and lenses constantly being introduced to the market.

I am totally amazed at how much my cell phone help my photography. Here is a list of 15 things that I use my cell phone for when I am on a trip

1.)  Weather: It is important to keep up to date on changes in the weather forecast. A cloudy vs sunny day today changes the gameplan. How about snow, rain, hurricanes etc?

2.)  Northern Light Forecasts

3.)  Fall Foliage Trackers

4.)   Tide Charts: Knowing the tides is critical for coastal photography

5.)  Wildlife Reports

6.)   Identification Apps: There a programs for indentifying birds, mammals, flowers, trees, tracks etc

7.)  Sun and Moon Rise and Set. My favorite programs for this are LightTrac, Sun Survey and Photographer’s Emphemeris.

8.)  Email and Texting

9.)  Social media: I can update or check on my Facebook, Linkin, or Twitter Page

10.)  Blog: I can update my blog from the road

11.)   Calendar

12.)   Alarm Clock

13.)   Gas Prices, Hotel Reviews, Kayak, Mapquest, AAA

14.)    Reading: Kindle, PDF, Office Documents

15.)    Flashlight: yes there is a app that allows your to use your phone as a flashlight

16.)  Packlists: don’t forget camera gear at home

I bet next year I will have even more uses for my cell phone. Good Luck

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