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Best time of year to buy Camera Gear



There really is a best time to do just about anything and everything. That is especially true when buying camera gear.

So when is the best time to buy photo equipment?

Manufactures’ like to introduce their newest models in January and February. This coincides with some of the larger trade shows like including the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and the Photo Marketing Association (PMA) convention.

As the new models arrive they need to discount the old models which are great for people who don’t need the latest technology. If you want the latest technology this is the exciting time of year but not necessary the best price. Presidents Day sales tend to mark the peak of the discount season for cameras.

There is a second round of announcements in September. This gear is usually hitting stores usually in November in the lead up to Christmas.

Consumer Reports Claims March and Oct to be the best time

For Software: Adobe updates Photoshop and Lightroom usually every 18 months

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