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White Mountain New Hampshire Foliage Report Photography

Foliage report for Oct 4.  I just got done leading a photo tour.

Quick Report

Peak foliage is about a week lake this year due to unusually warm weather. So this weekend should be perfect.

The White Mountains also experienced a lot of rain so rivers are flooded.

Even with the recent downpours leaf drop is not a problem.

Some waterfalls are unapproachable without getting your gear extremely wet. The high waterlevels also creat some interesting photo opportunities.

Route 302 is under light construction.

White Mountains: Presidential Range : Peak some parts past peak

Crawford Notch State Park Area: Peaking

Kancamagus Highway: North Conway Side is Just turning  Western Side Peak

North Conway are is still green.

There are always good photo opportunities regardless of peak.  Some trees/leaves  turn late or early.

Also don’t forget to look down on the ground. Good Luck

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